Hope you are all doing well!

I updated my website calendar to reflect the Remote Learning.  You can find it here.  Please remember that these at home learning opportunities are assigned to students on March 18, 19 and again March 30 to April 3.  The math packet that was created by and sent home from the teacher leaders in the district had twelve days of work.  I filled out the website calendar for the seven days the district has planned for remote learning.  Our Roxbury first grade team put together the Literacy Packet which lists 10 days.  Again, I posted only the seven days. 

I also updated my links under Helpful Resources on my personal website.  I spent time visiting the sites that I added today to make sure that they had minimal adds, are first grade friendly and were helpful to our first graders.  I went on many websites that are offering free learning opportunities while this is happening but require a parent to log in after providing an email address.  I did not include these on the helpful resources but please know that many AMAZING websites are available. 

If you need ANYTHING, please email.  We will get through this! 

Please tell your children that I miss them already, I am thinking about them and kindness matters.  

Ms. Harper