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Orchard Return to School Scheduled for October 5

As we prepare to transition to an in-person learning model on October 5, I wanted to share with you a snapshot of what the day will look like for ALL of our students at Orchard Middle School, both those who will continue to stay ALL remote and those who will be attending in person every day.

Our teachers are busy preparing lessons that will adapt to teaching students who are physically in their classrooms and those learning virtually through live streaming in real time. Our commitment to providing excellent instruction remains the same. Our students who are learning remotely will still fully participate in daily lessons, take assessments, be a part of class discussions, group work, etc.

Orchard students will continue to have their Homeroom Huddle each day. We will also continue to address our students’ social-emotional needs during this time and add humor and mindfulness to their day through our What’s Up Wednesday Announcements. 

As we begin to look toward reopening on October 5, we will need some information from some of our families who had chosen in-person learning prior to the start of the year:  

  • If you initially chose to have your child return to in-person instruction and you want your child to come to school, please let us know by completing the Return to In-Person Confirmation Survey no later than Wednesday, September 23. This survey will be sent from the district to you directly. 
  • If you have changed your mind and want your child to continue learning virtually, also complete the survey and indicate your new choice. If you choose to make this selection, you are committing to virtual (at home) instruction for the remainder of the semester. 

For all families:

  • Class size may vary based on changes in parent selections of in-person versus virtual learning.
  • There may also be a few changes in students’ schedules based on parent selection of in-person versus virtual learning.
  • Our typical Orchard School day is from 8:55 a.m until 3:40 p.m. Students’ days will look very similar to what they are experiencing at this time. More information about the exact schedule will follow next week.