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Boys Tennis Tryout Information


Thank you for attending our Boys Tennis Meeting and what a pleasure it was for us to see you again. This year, we are slated to have an excellent team and also a very competitive season on both Varsity and Junior Varsity.

First off, we are happy to announce our co-captains, Andrew Lebowitz (4 years Varsity) and Aaron Lee (State Qualifier 2019). We

are confident that these two fine gentlemen will lead our team to great successes and most importantly, a strong camaraderie

among all players!

Try-outs which is set for Monday, March 9, weather permitting. It is important 

that you all work on your conditioning as we gear up for our Season. As briefly mentioned today, you will have a 

timed mile (4 laps around the track) to set the stage in the first week of try-outs. But remember, the best way to improve your

tennis conditioning is actually to play tennis, as Andy said!

Regarding the Try-out format, each match will be 5 games only with Add Scoring. However, if the game score 

stands at 2-2, a 7 point tie-breaker will be played. 4-5 mini matches will be played per day. All games counts into the final tally.

The most important point and in order to participate on the Boys Tennis Try-outs, you will need to bring in your updated physicals 

to Ms. Joyce Cardinale at the Athletic Office before March 9th. Basically, all tennis participants must appear ALL IN GREEN onto 

Final Forms. Please make sure to sign-up for “Boys Tennis” into FF, as well.

For your information, we are currently working on our upcoming schedule which is now posted 

on as well as being able to view it on Kindly be advised that some 

matches (Hawken, Jackson, Copley) will be added or be postponed during the season. Really a fully loaded schedule!

Here is a short video to give you added motivation into excelling in our beautiful sport: 

On a final note, feel free to reach out to any of us should you have any further questions!

We are both extremely excited about this upcoming season!

Best of luck in the Try-outs and see you on the courts!

With our very best Tennis regards,

Boys & Girls Varsity Coach Fredrik Nyborg (407-462 4319) and Boys JV Coach Joe Dyser (440-596 8748 -