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Varsity Tennis season in Full Swing!

The theme for this year's Varsity Tennis team has been rain and snow and cancellations. So far we have cancelled 7 matches and played indoors twice. In dual matches we are 7-0, with the indoor match against U.S. incomplete. The final score against U.S. would have been decided by a 10 point tie-breaker or a 3rd set.

Dual Match records:

1st singles Luke Qin   5-2

2nd singles Kavi Jain 6-0

3rd singles Thomas Liu  6-0

1st Doubles Jake Novack & Andy Lebowitz   6-1

2nd Doubles Justine Prindle 7-0 with Zilong Huang  3-0 with Vincent Vincent Yu      4-0

We were 3rd in Hawken's Boy's 6th annual Tournament behind U.S. and Erie Prep with Jake Novack and Thomas Liu winning 1st Doubles over Kiski, U.S., and Erie Prep.

We are travel to Avon Lake Friday and New Albany on Saturday.

Come out and cheer the Comets on!!!

May all your bounces be good ones!!