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2022 SHS Baseball Tryout Schedule Posted at Right (Click here for important notes)

Tryouts begin on Monday, February 21.  A few important notes:

  1. This schedule is EXTREMELY tentative.  This is based on a number of factors including success of basketball teams, weather, unforeseen conflicts with gym, etc.  Thank you in advance for your flexibility and patience.
  2. If there is going to be a schedule change, I will send you an email ASAP to give you as much advance notice as I can. 
  3. You should be prepared each day to practice indoors and/or outdoors.  If the weather allows us to go outside, even for a portion of the practice, we will try to do so.  We may run drills on the turf, on the grass, in the parking lot, etc.  Bring winter hats, sweatshirts, sweatpants, turf shoes, tennis shoes, etc. to plan for all possibilities. 
  4. If we do practice on any of the turf fields, you may NOT wear metal cleats.  Wear tennis shoes or turf shoes only. 
  5. Read the attached schedule and future emails carefully.  Not everyone will be expected to attend the entire practice every day.  Small groups will be created and used some days to minimize the amount of standing around and to maximize our opportunities to evaluate all players appropriately.  Those groups will be determined after the first day of tryouts once we have a clear idea of number of players at each position.
  6. Be on time for the session.  In fact, be a few minutes early.  However, do NOT enter the gym until the team using it before us has exited the gym. 
  7. Please bring your own personal equipment.  In some cases, we have limited equipment for you to borrow if necessary.  However, it is always better for you to have your own.
  8. Always have a mask with you and do your best to stay distanced from one another, if possible.