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Comets Run Over Bulldogs 4-1 in District Semi Final Match

Comets Run Over Bulldogs 4-1 in District Semi Final Match

The Comets ran over the Bulldogs 4-1 on Wednesday to advance to the District Final match on Saturday. It was one of the most complete wins the Comets have had all season and was especially rewarding. Last year it was the Bulldogs that sent the Comets into the offseason with a 3-0 win. The Comets gladly returned the favor this year.

The Comets combination of offensive firepower and solid defense were too much for the Bulldogs to stop. The Bulldogs were on their heels and struggled to start or maintain an offensive threat. The Comets scoring started early with Junior Defender Ryan Funderburg’s long throw ins. Funderburg launched a long throw in to the Bulldog’s goalie box where Senior Forward Billy Furlong buried the rebound into the back of the net to give the Comets an early 1-0 lead.

Furlong wasn’t done yet. Minutes later Furlong ran onto a ball and beat his defender on the left end line. Furlong (8) hit a seemingly impossible shot with nearly no angle that found its way into the back of the net. It was Furlong’s second goal of the game and it was 2-0 Comets at halftime. 

After beginning the second half, the Comets showed firsthand just how fast they could score.  With the ball going out of bounds at the 15-yard line, Funderburg quickly picked up the ball and threw it 35 yards to Junior Forward Eric Noaufo who held off his defender while Furlong overlapped around him. Noaufo played the ball down the line to Furlong who ran it into the Bulldog’s penalty box and crossed it. The Bulldog’s goalkeeper punched it out, but Junior Forward Andrew Messmer (8) ran onto the ball and headed it into the goal to give the Comets a commanding 3-0 lead. The entire play from throw in to goal was just 13 seconds. The Bulldogs simply couldn’t keep up.

The Bulldogs would get one back to make it 3-1 late in the game before Senior Midfielder Ethan Berkovitz (16) intercepted a ball and launched it at the Bulldogs goal. The ball hit the crossbar and shot down into the goal. Final score 4-1 Comets.

The Comets are now 12-5-1 and face the Hudson Explorers next in the District Final Match on Saturday. Coach Ryan Greenhill’s Men of the Match were Juniors Midfield Ben Moss and Noah Jahnke.