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Legends Invitational

Legends Invitational:

After reflecting on the race, I still go back to the concept that the race decides the conditions of the day.  When we focus on events outside of our control like the humidity, soft ground, or a late bus we negatively impact our own performance.  

The bus being late isn't any athlete's fault and isn't fair to you either.  I'm sorry that happened.  I felt as frustrated as anyone about our arrival time.  I understand how that can impact our performance, I just don't believe it should have had as big of an impact as it did.  Same with the humidity and the soft course; those are not ideal conditions, but even in less than ideal conditions there is still going to be a winner, that winner could have been us.  If we are as good as we think we are, we should be able to handle adversity better when it comes our way.  Stick with what you know works when you are feeling uncomfortable - take a deep breath, remind yourself there is an opportunity in front of you, be confident, and stay aggressive.

From a varsity perspective, halfway through the race I thought we were still in it to potentially win.  Logan moved up at least ten spots from the first mile to the finish line, finished 5th overall.  Nate came back in the third mile and claimed 17th place.  Josh also crossed the finished line 23rd overall and 3rd for the Comets.  Kudos to those three for stepping up with top 25 finishes, but if we're going to defeat quality programs like Louisville, they need more support from our #4-6 runners in the top 20.  Also, did you notice Louisville's varsity is all juniors and freshmen?  That team isn't going away anytime soon.    

Boys Division I: 4th out of 13 teams.