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Strongsville Invitational

Vertical Runner Strongsville Invitational - click for Baums page results

If we stopped at the fact that twenty runners acheived season best or personal records, four by over a minute, that would have been a great day for us at Strongsville.  By Strongsville standards, the course did not run as fast as it typically does, due to the soft ground and standing water covering much of the first half of the course.  Everyone who ran a season best or personal record did a fantastic job of focusing only on what you can control (how fast you're running) and not focusing on what you cannot control (conditions of the day or the course).  The coaching staff is incredibly proud of how well every Comet competed on Saturday morning.  Way to go!  

 In the varsity race, defeating Kenston is a huge sign of growth for this program.  A feat we have not acheived since 2016.  En route to finishing third overall at Strongsville we also defeated Ohio Division I #17 Perrysburg in the process who defeated us at Tiffin three weeks ago.  Saturday's victories solidly moves us up to the #4 postition in northeast Ohio.  Hudson is currently ranked #1 in Ohio Division I and St. Ignatius #5, finishing third behind them is no slouch position.  

 As we close out the last two weeks of our regular season our focus needs to turn to continuing to climb the ladder - personal records and our northeast Ohio opponents (Jackson and St. Ignatius are up next!) - as well as, winning our conference on October 13 when we return to Strongsville.

 Vertical Runner Strongsville Invitational

  • Varsity: 3rd out of 26 teams
  • JV/Open: 2nd of 14 team
    • Debut performance: Jonny Ciccero (18:41.9)
    • Season bests (8): Jacob Brodsky (22:03.2), Angad Dhillon (21:19.3), Jonathan Gembarski (19:08.2), Hayden Geller (23:38.1 - 1:15 minutes SB!), Timmy Huang (21:42.9), Jason Loeb (25:02.4 - 1:38 minutes SB!), Bobby Turk (21:24.1), Albert Zhu (23:08.1 - 1:00 minute SB!)  
    • Personal records (12): Jay Akkul (28:42.8 - 1:27 minutes PR!), Patrick Arth (21:30.1), Jesse Booher (22:54.2), Ryan Goldfeder (18:33.0), Daniel Messmer (21:37.2 - 42 seconds PR!), Andrew Shao (24:52.5 - STREAK 2!), John Stafford (20:28.2), Grant Titlebaum (25:20.2), Jack Williams (22:07.4 - 1:28 minutes PR!) Matthew Wilson (21:13.2), Colin Wong (19:06.8), Andy Yuan (25:39.0)
    • Captains of consistency - We wanted to give a special shoutout to Clay Bozsvai and Kesav Kosana for their remarkable consistency this season.  Anyone can have one great day.  True growth and improvement is illustrated by replicating elite performances on a consistent level.  Clay and Kesav have been wonderful examples of consistent growth throughout this season.  Each has performed faster than their 2017 PR in EVERY race this season.  Keep it up! 
      • Clay Bozsvai (2017 PR 19:48.0) - 2018 performances: 19:42.4, 19:45.9, 19:44.7, 19:03.5, 19:44.5, 19:44.5
      • Kesav Kosana (2017 PR 23:06.2) - 2018 performances: 22:02.6, 22:02.7, 21:03.7, 22:43.1, 21:24.0    
    • Comet of the Week: Aden Pickus (17:26.6) - The short spread (10 seconds) between our #2 runner and #5 runner on Saturday morning allowed us to defeat a number of top programs in the state.  Aden race aggressively from the starting gun through the finishline tape.  He mainined a consistent third place for the Comets even as his other teammates attempted to surge around him.  Aden answered every move someone else threw at him.  He held our top pack together in gritty fashion.  The performance of that top pack will determine how successful the Comets finish this season.  Great work!  Keep it up.