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Run, Comet, Run - Great Job!

A ton of fun this weekend at the Run, Comet, Run invitational.  Thank you very much to everyone who came out to support our team and pitched in to make the event such a success.  It was all hands on deck and a true village effort.  Saturday's meet made it easy to see why we love this village so much!  I wanted to get this e-mail out this morning so that everyone has the logistical information for the week.  Full race recap will go out later this week.  Our results are in the link and attached.  

Run, Comet, Run Invitational

Huge congratulations to the first, Run, Comet, Run champions!  Team effort all the way around from #57 to #1, to our parents, family members, school leaders, and community members who volunteered and supported us on Saturday morning.  Not only did we come away with our first victory of the season, the Comets rolled on for twenty-three personal or season best times.

If we're looking long term at what we want to do this season and what we're capable of becoming, I do not think Saturday's victory is an indicator of how good our team is or is not.  We are capable of winning our conference, qualifying for the state meet, and finishing the season as a top ten team in the state.  To accomplish any of those goals we are going to need to run faster and defeat stronger (Kenston did not run their varsity team in either race).  Let's celebrate our victory and then get ready to get back to work this week.  How we compete against Kenston this upcoming week (in both the varsity and open races) at Kenston will be a much better indicator of where we are at as a team. 

  • Season bests (9): Close, Daga, DiVincenzo, Esper, German, Sahoo, Shafron, Shenk, and Turk
  • Personal records (14): Arth (21:52.4), Bernhard (19:23.8), Costanzo (18:08.7 - Streak 3!), Goldfeder (19:43.3), Kanarsky (17:56.4), Knox (21:14.9), Kosana (22:02.6), Messmer (22:26.5), Williams (23:36.8), Wong (19:32.7), Xie (22:42.1), A. Yousef (20:28.4), K. Yousef (17:02.8), and Zhitenev (19:39.9). 
  • Comet of the Week: Matt Costanzo (18:08.7) - "Distance running is the simplest, most difficult sport." There are few people on our team who more embody that quote than Matt Costanzo.  Matt finished his sophomore season with a 19:31.0 PR.  As soon as the 2017 season ended, Matt went immediately to work training with the varsity group.  He did not let the fact he'd never run in a varsity cross country race hold him back from training with our top group, he embraced the challenge.  What Matt did to get himself to where he is today, is very difficult, but it is also simple.  He never misses practice, he runs everyday, and he never makes excuses about his performance.  Good or bad race, Matt always replies with, "I'll do better next time."  So far this season, Matt has only done better.  He has PR'd at all three of our races so far, 19:30, 19:01, 18:08.  Keep it up Matt!  Thank you for being a great role model to our entire team.  Go Comets!