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Bozsvai is Comet of the Week

Clay Bozsvai (19:42.4) - Not only did Clay come away with a personal record 5K time on the state course but he also came away with Comet of the Week honors.  For the first time in his career, Clay led our JV team across the finish line.  Clay earned Comet of the Week for the way he raced, calm and confident in the first half of the race and aggressive and "on offense" in the second half of the race.  When we talked about racing "slower to faster", we're talking about having complete control of your race.  When I saw Clay at the one mile mark he had such control, I thought he smiled back as he began moving through the pack in front of him.  Clay only passed other runners in the last half mile of the race.  Beautiful race and congratulations on a new PR!