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Chantz & Logan - ALL-OHIO

Huge congratulations to Chantz Visse and Logan Esper who both earned All-Ohio honors.  Two absolutely incredible performances.  The Ohio state cross country championships featured the #13, #14, and #15 top high school runners in the country this weekend.  Earning All-Ohio is no small feat.  I'm also especially proud of the patience and control they demonstrated over their races.  Chantz and Logan passed more runners in the last mile than any other runner who earned All-Ohio.  From the first mile to the third Logan moved from 47th to 35th to 20th and Chantz moved from 90th to 30th to 13th.  "Slower to faster" it works when you execute it.  Fabulous job boys!  Go Comets!  

 Thank you as well to everyone who traveled down to Columbus to cheer and support the team this weekend.  As a coach and alumni, I felt very proud of the amount of support we had in Columbus.  Anyone who went to Olive Garden on Friday night would have thought our entire team qualified with the number of tables we took up in the restaurant.  Thank you to all of the parents who pitched in for hotel rooms and drove non-competing athletes to Columbus.  I think it was very important for the future of our program to be able to see the state meet first hand.  It takes a village.