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State Bound - Good Luck Chantz & Logan!

HUGE congratulations to Chantz Visse and Logan Esper!  Great performances by both runners at Saturday's regional compeition.  Whether you are expected to or not, qualifying for the state finals is never an easy task.  We are all incredibly proud of the way you two performed and are very much looking forward to your race next weekend.  Fantastic job! 

I know from a team perspective we were disappointed with the outcome on Saturday.  To quote Coach Fakler, "It wouldn't be fun if we couldn't lose."  We knew going into the meet it would come down to some combination of Mentor, St. Ed's, and Solon for the last spots into the state meet.  We also knew it would most likely come down to a single digit points.  Both of those things ended up being true, unfortunately we ended up drawing the short straw.  

Everyone ran faster at Boardman on Saturday than they did six weeks ago at the Spartan Invitational.  From Chantz to Nathan, everyone ran faster than our first trip to Boardman.  Brian Finnerty ran 58 seconds faster, Aden Pickus ran 57 seconds faster, Aman Jain ran 27 seconds faster, and Ben Shafron ran 19 seconds faster.  That's excellent growth.  No one is at fault for our team not qualifying for the state meet.  It was a complete team effort, coaches absolutely included.  

There is no drill or activity anyone can do to simulate experience.  Experience is binary, you either have it or you do not.  For anyone who is returning to Solon cross country, gaining experience was a benefit of Saturday.  We also need to congratulate Kenston and Mentor.  Each team really stepped up their game and had one of their best performances of the season.  They deserved to qualify for the state meet.  It stings to be eight points or seven seconds short of our goal but we did not have quite enough urgency on Saturday to qualify for the state meet.  I think the lack of urgency in our race execution is on the coaching staff.  I am very sorry we were not prepared for the regional meet in that regard.  Saturday was also a learning experience for me as well.  It is a mistake we will not make in the future, including this spring when we go to Austintown for the track & field regional final.    

I love this team and I'm very proud of our season.  We showed a ton of growth and earned some fabulous personal records.  Thankfully we're not done yet.  

Here is the plan for this week:


Monday - Thursday at the South Chagrin Metroparks Shelter House.  Practice will begin at 3:29 pm and we will dismiss by 5:30 pm. 

**Tuesday we will host the annual state qualifier head shaving at the Shelter House before practice.  Anyone is welcome to join us in our tradition.  

Friday Chantz, Logan, and the coaching staff will travel to Columbus and do the pre-meet workout on the state course. 

 *Anyone is welcome to join us for steady state runs on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week.  


  1. Uniforms are way past due. If you still have your uniform or warm up please turn it in to Chantz, Logan, or myself.  Alternatively, uniforms and warms may be left in the athletic office and I will pick them up on Friday this week.  I will be contacting you directly if you have not turned in your uniform at this point.   
  1. State T-shirts- Please read Erin Pickus's post about state qualifying t-shirts celebrating Olivia, Chantz, and Logan.  If you would like to purchase one, please contact Erin with your payment and t-shirt size.  
  1. Hotel in Columbus - We have a few extra rooms that have been reserved for Solon cross country but have not yet been claimed.  If anyone (parent or athlete) is interested in reserving one of those rooms please let me know at practice this week or call me on my cell phone.  If you are interested in reserving a room you must let me know by Wednesday, November 1 at 5:30 pm.  At 5:30 I will call the hotel and let them know we no longer wish to reseve any rooms that go unrented at that point.  

Holiday Inn Express & Suites - Columbus East

2806 Taylor Road

Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068

(614) 861.8888

If an athlete is wishing to reserve a hotel room and his parent will not be staying with him for the night, your parent must call the hotel with their credit card information in order to reserve the room.  Rooms may obviously be split between mutliple athletes but that will be up to athletes and parents to coordinate.  These rooms have also been offered to the girls team and will be given away on a first come, first serve basis.   

Non-competing athletes must provide their own transportation to and from Columbus.  


National Trail Raceway

2650 National Road SW

Hebron, Ohio 43025

Boys Division I 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

3:00 pm 

Go Chantz!  Go Logan!