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Boardman - Spartan Invitational

Thank you team for all of your support at the Boardman meet last weekend.  Boardman is a trek for us but I was proud about the number of people who made it out to Youngstown wearing the blue and white.  Every clap matters.  Thank you to the tent crew that makes sure our tent is set up before we get there each week.  This was hugely helpful at Boardman, where our buses were running late and the varsity had to warm up immediately after we arrived. They were able to go right to the tent and start running shortly after.  Lastly, thank you to all of the parents, Pickus's and Miotto's especially, who brought extra food and water out to the meet.  Body maintenance is an essential element for all distance runners.  It takes a village. Our village looked good last weekend.  

Speaking of extra water and food, temperatures this week are not going to cool down.  Eighty degrees is warm for a September afternoon, but it is not outrageous.  I think our team felt unprepared for those temperatures because we've had such cool weather to start the season.  It is eighty degrees for every other team too.  We need to be prepared for it to be hot again this weekend and throughout practice this week.  Athletes, please make sure you are constantly hydrating everyday.  Starting on Friday night is not enough time.  Everyone should have a waterbottle with him at all times, beginning first thing in the morning.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, I cannot emphasize that enough.  

Despite the conditions, seven Comets ran lifetime PR's on Saturday and six others ran season best 5K times.  Big shout outs to those Comets!  *Complete race recap will be posted later today.  When reading the results, I'd ask everyone keep in mind our team strategy since July has been to peak in October and November, not September.  I'm happy we're not in peak shape yet. This type of training requires a lot of patience.  Losing irks me as much as anyone else, but we decided in July we were going to prioritize the conference, district, regional, and state meets over mid-season invitationals.  Any team that beat us on Saturday has raced for the last month.  That was our varsity's first race.  The task of other teams is going to be to maintain their fitness over the next six weeks.  Our task is to continue to grow into the team we know we are going to be.  Day by day, just get a little bit better.    

Comet of the Week: David Howell (Sr.) - 18:09.7.  This season David has fully embraced the champion mindset of getting a little bit better every day.  In each of the first three races, David ran a faster time.  Saturday at Boardman he was off of his season best time by only four seconds.  Looking comparatively at the rest of the field, that was an outstanding race.  Howell's competitive finish, really separated him from the rest of the team.  At the two mile mark there were six seconds separating the top four Comets in the JV race.  David and Josh Baker put on a show racing the last mile of the course and pulling away handily from their teammates and other competitors.  Not only did David's competitive fire push him to run a faster time, it pushed Josh to run faster as well.  This is the type of grit and drive that championship programs use to advance in the post season.  Way to go David!  

Theme of the Week: 

Believe - As we move into week six, I want everyone to continue to focus on body language and confidence.  Confidence is not helpful to acheiving your goals, it is essential.  As we go throughout our week continue to practice carrying yourself with confidence and showing it in your body language - head up, shoulders back, chest out, wide stance.  I don't care if you are pulling a carton of milk off the shelf at Market District or vaccuming your carpet, do it with a confident stance.  We are the defending state champions and we need to walk, talk, and act like it.  Believing in yourself on Saturday morning is too late.  Confidence is a twenty-four hours, seven days a week mindset.