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Grade 3 Ohio English/Language Arts Assessment

We received clarification from the Ohio Department of Education that Ohio is not anticipating receiving a federal waiver on state assessments this year. Several state of Ohio assessments, including a third grade English/Language Arts assessment, are required by state and federal law. So although Ohio was able to obtain a waiver from the federal Every Students Succeeds Acts testing and accountability requirements in the spring due to the pandemic; at this time, a similar waiver process appears unlikely. 

Additionally, ODE reiterated that these assessments must be completed in person due to technology and test security requirements.

As a result, our district and school teams have worked to put a plan in place for our Solon third graders to take the Ohio English/Language Arts assessment during the week of November 2 at your child’s school. Students will take the assessment over two days and each session is 90 minutes. 

The assessment dates are Monday, November 2, and Wednesday, November 4. If your child is still learning virtually, we are allowing for two hours each of those days (from 10 a.m. to noon) to provide time to get acclimated since we know our virtual learners have not yet been in the building this year.   

Students attending school in-person will take the assessment as part of their regular school day in their classroom. Like those on-campus students, our virtual learners will take the assessment in a classroom setting. We will be using the classrooms of our virtual teachers for the students coming in from home. All of our health and safety protocols will be in place, including face masks, plexiglass desk shields, physical distancing, hand washing and sanitizing.  

To help our families of virtual learners get their students to school on November 2 & 4, the district is offering bus transportation. We are asking all virtual Grade 3 families to complete the Grade 3 English/Language Arts Transportation Form by October 15 to let us know if you would like to take advantage of this opportunity or if you will drive your child to school for the two sessions. 

As we get closer to the week of November 2, we will send additional details, including reminders for virtual learners to bring their Chromebook to school those days. 

Thank you for your ongoing support. If you have questions, please be sure to contact your building principal.