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Ohio Kindergarten Readiness Assessment

We are writing to let you know that your child’s teacher may be reaching out over the next few days to schedule an appointment to come to school to participate in an annual Kindergarten Readiness Assessment. Recent clarification from the Ohio Department of Education indicates that this state diagnostic assessment must be administered in person to all kindergarten students by November 1. The KRA meets the reading diagnostic assessment requirement for Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee as an initial benchmark for our kindergarten students. 

In Solon, our kindergarten teachers typically administer the KRA to students in October as a check on their learning and to collect information that may be used to plan for future instruction targeted to their specific needs. This is not a kindergarten screening test. The KRA measures students’  knowledge and abilities in four areas:

  • Social Skills
  • Language and Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Well-Being and Motor Development 

The assessment is age-appropriate for kindergarteners. They show what they know and are able to do by selecting answers to specific questions, performing a requested task and being observed by their teacher. 

For those students who will be resuming in-person learning with us here at school, your teacher will administer the KRA during the school day. Our students who will be remaining virtual learners this semester will simply need to come to the building for 30 minutes and meet with their teacher for the assessment. 

The assessment will take place in a safe school environment. All recommended public health protocols and added layers of protection in place for a return to in-person learning will of course be utilized for this in-person assessment as well. These include face masks for teachers and students, desk shields, hand sanitizing and physical distance. Additionally, only the students will be entering the school and the classroom to meet with their teacher. Family members bringing the students to the school will remain in their cars for the duration of the assessment.

For more information about the KRA, please refer to the overview from the Ohio Department of Education linked below. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.


Kindergarten Readiness Assessment for Families | Ohio Department of Education