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Update on Current Conditions - Planning for 4th Quarter

February 26, 2021

Dear Solon Schools Families,

Last week we confirmed our commitment to Solon Schools families and students to provide in-person learning for all students for 4th quarter. This evening you will receive a school-specific survey so you can choose the learning environment for each of your children for the final quarter of the 2020-21 school year. This is your third opportunity this year to select in-person learning for your Solon students.  

Our goal is allow students to attend as close to five days a week in person as possible for those who choose that option. 

Cases of COVID-19 in our schools remain stable. This week we had five students and three staff members test positive and 50 students and three staff members need to quarantine. 

Our safety protocols are effective and combined with our staff being fully vaccinated on March 19, we are eager to welcome more students back into our buildings. With increased numbers of students in the buildings, we will continue to rely on your support at home to reinforce the safety protocols and most importantly to be open and honest about how your children are feeling each day before sending them to school.

We look forward to receiving your surveys for 4th quarter learning over the weekend so we can finalize our plans.

Thank you for your continued support.