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Joint Solon Board of Education-City Council Meeting on Funding March 6

Joint Solon Board of Education-Solon City Council meeting on state funding


The Solon Board of Education is meeting with Solon City Council March 6 to discuss funding issues in the Governor’s budget that will negatively impact the Solon Schools and the city. The meeting is at Solon City Hall at 7:30 p.m.

For the Solon Schools, the most critical issue is the phase-out of Tangible Personal Property Tax funding. At risk for the district $8.3 million a year, or $1,800 per student. This amounts to 13% of the school district’s annual budget and is already down from the $10.7 million the district received annually in TPP reimbursement funding in 2011.

If allowed to stand, current state law enacted in 2015 as part of the last biennial budget, creates a “fiscal cliff” on July 1. That day, the Solon Schools will lose an additional $3.5 million in tangible personal property tax reimbursement. In real terms, this means the Solon Schools will receive only $4.825 million in tangible personal property tax funding next year – a significant loss of $5.875 million a year since 2011.

By July of 2024 (just seven years away), the Solon Schools will receive $0 – a cumulative loss to our schools of more than $80 million.

Just like in past state budget cycles, the Solon Schools will be active in Columbus working with a statewide coalition to retain reimbursement funding for these once-local revenues. Communications from the district about the process and specific requests for grassroots advocacy at the appropriate time will be sent to all families, residents and businesses.

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