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Bus Transportation for 2024-25

The Solon School Bus Transportation Opt-In form for the 2024-25 school year is now live. The deadline to opt-in for bus transportation is May 31. Additionally, the Day Care/Shared Parenting Transportation Request is also available, and the due date for submission is July 8. You must opt your child in for transportation by May 31 if you want them to have a seat on the bus next school year.

We need families to opt-in during May as we do every year to begin our routing process. At this time, we do not have enough drivers to provide the same level of service despite our aggressive recruitment efforts.

Our transportation team has developed three scenarios based on the number of drivers we will have in August to start the year. These plans involve adjusting the Parent Transportation Zones, creating a larger radius around each school in which families would be responsible for transporting their students to and from school. We are creating bus routes for each of these scenarios. You must opt your child in by May 31, regardless of which service level is ultimately implemented, if your first choice is for them to ride the bus.

2024-25 TRANSPORTATION SCENARIOS - 3 Plans Dependent on Final Summer Staffing Levels.

SCENARIO 1 - Number of drivers stays at currently expected levels = 39 in August/37 in December. Deep cuts to rider eligibility through expanding the Parent Transportation Zones are necessary. Students living within the following distances of their school will not receive bus transportation, and families will need to transport their children to and from school:

  • Grades K-4: 1 mile
  • Grades 5-6: 1.25 miles
  • Grades 7-12: 1.5 miles

The streets and addresses that would be in the Parent Transportation Zones are listed in the spreadsheet linked here: There is a separate tab for each school. Please note: These are the distances from the student's home to school, and some addresses are included as part of reduced service area streets for practicality. 

SCENARIO 2 - 5 drivers hired and fully trained = 44. Parent Transportation Zones would be increased, but less significantly. Students living within the following distances from their school would no longer be eligible for bus transportation:

  • Grades K-6: 0.5 miles
  • Grades 7-12: 1 mile

SCENARIO 3 - 8 drivers hired and fully trained = 47. Current transportation levels would be maintained, providing a buffer for staff absences.

The service level provided by each scenario still falls well below state minimum requirements of 2 miles for K-8 students and no required transportation for high school students. Our goal is Scenario 3. We are doing everything possible to help the drivers currently in the training and hiring pipeline succeed, but fully onboarding bus drivers takes time and there are many potential pitfalls due to the depth of driver safety training. While we are optimistic about more drivers joining our ranks, we also believe it is important for families to be prepared.

We will make a final decision in July and pivot quickly to the scenario we can staff and sustain. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work together to address these transportation challenges.