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Solon Students Earn Ohio's #1 Achievement Report Card


The district received an overall rating of 5 stars and 5 stars on each of the rated component areas on the Ohio School Report Cards. 


It’s 5 stars for the Solon Schools! The district today is celebrating the hard work and effort of students and staff for earning the #1 achievement score on the 2023 Ohio School Report Card. This is the 8th consecutive year the Solon Schools have received the top achievement mark on the state report card.

Specifically, the Solon Schools earned the highest achievement score statewide, with a performance index of 111.6, an increase over last year’s mark of 110.1. The district also received an overall 5-star rating and 5 stars on each of the rated component areas. Solon is one of only eight districts statewide to earn an overall grade of 5 stars as well as 5 stars for each component area. Ohio fully transitioned this year from giving letter grade ratings to issuing star ratings on Achievement, Progress, Gap Closing, Graduation and Early Literacy.

“This is a great day and a proud moment for everyone in our school community,” said Solon Schools Superintendent Fred Bolden. “These excellent results are a clear reflection of the commitment and grit of students and staff members. We all do whatever it takes to meet students where they are and keep our focus on the whole child, meeting not just their academic needs but providing social-emotional support as well. Our students have demonstrated outstanding achievement over the past year, but we are equally gratified by all of the other meaningful ways our students are growing and developing through their involvement in extracurricular activities, athletics and music and the arts.”

The Solon Schools have received a top 5 Ohio report card every year the state has scored these important accountability measures. “This speaks to the consistency in our district leadership and commitment to our strategic plan that makes this continued excellence not just a possibility, but a reality, for our students,” Mr. Bolden noted. “On behalf of the Board of Education, congratulations to our students and staff for this accomplishment and thank you to our families as well as the Solon and Glenwillow communities for their ongoing partnership.”

In Ohio, the state report cards continually raise the bar of expectations for all students, which is why the district's dedication to continuous quality improvement outlined in the strategic plan is so vital to the overall success of the Solon Schools and its students, Mr. Bolden explained. Engaged and rigorous classroom instruction is continually evolving to help students find success. Throughout each of the seven Solon schools, students are actively participating in daily collaborative learning that includes the important skills of communicating, analyzing, reasoning and applying their knowledge, as well as providing evidence to explain and support their ideas. The goal is to provide the foundation and framework for students to become independent, critical thinkers.


“We are gratified to see this 5-star academic rating for our district today,” Mr. Bolden said. “Our mission of every student every day is also underscored in these tremendous results. But there is still work to do. Each September when the Ohio School Report Cards are released, we take time to celebrate our successes yet also double down on our commitment to do everything possible to provide support and prepare our students for whatever future pathways they may choose.”