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Solon Schools Earn #1 Ohio Report Card


The district and each of the Solon Schools earned 5 stars on the new Ohio School Report Cards. 

The Solon Schools today are celebrating the hard work and effort of students and staff for earning the #1 achievement score on the 2022 Ohio School Report Card. This is the 7th consecutive time the Solon Schools have received the top achievement mark on the state report card. 

Specifically, the Solon Schools earned the highest achievement score statewide, with a performance index of 110.1. The district also received 5 stars on each of the rated component areas on the newly designed state report cards. Ohio transitioned this year from giving letter grade ratings of A through F to star ratings of 5 through 0 on Achievement, Progress, Gap Closing, Graduation and Early Literacy. Additionally, each Solon School received 5-star achievement ratings and performed in the top 10 statewide for their respective grade levels.

“We could not be more proud of our students and staff members,” said Solon Schools Superintendent Fred Bolden. “Our focus on the whole child with a commitment to every student every day is clearly reflected in these outstanding results. Congratulations to our students and staff and thank you to our families and the Solon/Glenwillow community for the continued partnership that enables this excellence to continue.”

The state report card measures continually raise expectations for all students, which is why the district’s ongoing commitment to continuous quality improvement is so vital to the overall success of the Solon Schools. Classroom instruction evolves continually to help students find success in meeting the increased rigor of the standards. Students participate in active, engaged learning that includes communicating, analyzing, reasoning and applying their knowledge, as well as providing evidence to support their ideas. These are important skills for students to become independent, critical thinkers.


“We know we always have more work to do to ensure we are doing everything possible to move student learning forward, provide support and prepare our students for future success,” Mr. Bolden said. “The release of the 2022 report cards today is just one measure of that work. Although we are gratified by these academic results, we take equal pride each day in the other important ways our students grow and develop through their involvement in the arts, athletics and extra-curricular activities.”