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Kindergarten Registration 2022 - March 2-3


Kindergarten registration for fall 2022 in the Solon Schools is just around the corner. This year’s Kindergarten Information Night will be a virtual program on February 9 at 6:30 p.m. A family information survey is posted on the district home page and the Information Night program link will be posted on the website after February 1.

Kindergarten Information Night is a welcome program to all parents of incoming kindergarten students for the fall of 2022. The principals and school counselors from Lewis, Parkside and Roxbury Elementary Schools will provide an overview of the kindergarten program and the registration process. Solon’s Kindergarten Registration is a two-step process: Families complete the majority of the information online and then complete the process in-person.

Kindergarten in Solon Schools is at Lewis, Parkside and Roxbury Elementary Schools. Both full- and half-day kindergarten is offered. All three schools have full-day kindergarten, but decisions about which schools would have half-day sections and whether those sections will be in the morning or afternoon cannot be determined until after the kindergarten registration process is complete.

The district’s centralized Kindergarten Registration will be Wednesday, March 2, from 8-11:30 a.m., and Thursday, March 3, from 8–11:30 a.m. and 5-8 p.m. in the Arthur Road School cafeteria. Parents or guardians must sign up for time slots for the in-person registration. The appointment sign-up will go live in mid-February following Information Night. In addition, parents or guardians must complete the general online registration forms prior to their assigned time slot on March 2-3. The online registration site will go live after the Information Night program as well.

Kindergarten enrollment numbers are a key data point for appropriate planning and staffing next year, so it is critical that families register their students for kindergarten during the March registration dates. Residents are urged to remind friends and neighbors who have students approaching kindergarten age to attend Kindergarten Information Night and Kindergarten Registration March 2 and 3. 

Only students registered during the district’s centralized registration March 2-3 are guaranteed placement at their home school (families impacted by a COVID-19 diagnosis or quarantine in their household during the registration days should contact the Board of Education Registration Office at 248-1600 for guidance).

Kindergarten screening will be June 6-7. Families will receive sign-up information for screening in May after their child is fully registered for kindergarten.