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November 30, 2020

Dear Solon Schools Families and Staff,

We hope you had a quiet and restful Thanksgiving break. Since our last update on Tuesday, we have had 12 students and 1 staff member test positive or be diagnosed as presumed positive for COVID-19 and an additional 11 staff members and 82 students are now quarantined. Our school conditions reflect the sharply rising cases in our community. 

With our students in grades 7-12 now learning remotely, we are reassigning staff resources as necessary to cover staff quarantines and precautionary absences so that we can keep in-person learning for our students in grades PreK-6 as well as those with the most intensive learning needs as long as possible. Even with the diverted staff resources, staffing continues to present a challenge, which could cause additional buildings to shift to remote learning. Additionally, the overall lack of substitute coverage is complicating staffing issues for the end-of-quarter preparation and planning at our primary levels.  

To help address this, Friday, December 18, will now be a K-6 professional day. There will be no school for our K-6 students only. Students in grades 7-12 will be in session for classes and midterm exams virtually that day as currently scheduled.  

No definitive decisions have yet been made regarding the return to school after winter break. We are analyzing our district post-Thanksgiving cases as well as the impact those cases and quarantines have on our ability to provide adequate staffing in the buildings. We are still fighting to keep in-person learning and we will keep you updated on our decision-making every step of the way.




November 24, 2020

As we shared on Friday evening, exponential growth of COVID-19 is happening in our area and impacting our schools. Since Friday, we have had eight additional students and staff members test positive and 86 more need to quarantine. SHS and SMS have moved to remote learning due to COVID-19 related staffing issues and we are trying to avoid this for our other schools. If COVID-19 cases and exposures over the holiday warrant it, further communication will be forthcoming.

We know many families are doing everything possible to stem the spread and changing their interactions and celebrations this year, including for Thanksgiving. The choices each of you make will impact what school will look like for your children. The CDC, CCBH and physicians all stress how imperative it is to limit interactions with people outside of your immediate household. We are sharing a direct link to that guidance below. 

Heading into Thanksgiving, we need all families to do the following:

  • If you are travelling to or through any of the states listed on the Ohio Travel Advisory list, please let your building principal know right away. Your child will need to quarantine for 14 days from in-person school and activities from the date of your return. Our staff will do the same. The list of states is updated every Wednesday and will be posted on our COVID-19 dashboard. 
  • If you are contacted by the school because your child is a close contact exposure and needs to quarantine, please follow those instructions explicitly. The CCBH has asked us to be responsible for contact tracing in our district to support county wide efforts.  A quarantine is staying home completely, and includes ALL activities and interactions, not just staying home from school.
  • Call your building principal right away if your child or someone they have been in close contact with tests positive for COVID-19 -- even if your child is learning virtually. Our ability to keep students and staff safe is directly linked to your timely and honest communication with us.

Holiday celebrations may look different this year but the meaning behind them may be more important than ever before. This year, we are especially grateful for the partnership with our families, students, staff and the community at-large.

Happy Thanksgiving.