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Solon Schools Back to School Plans for 2020-21

Dear Solon Schools Families,

Thank you for your patience as we worked to create plans for the return to school. We have been in continual contact with public health and medical experts as well as families and staff to make the best possible decisions. Please understand that the information we are sharing tonight is based on our current situation in Cuyahoga County. COVID-19 presents unique challenges that will undoubtedly necessitate refinements and changes to these plans as we enter the fall.

The major elements of the Back to School Solon 2020-21 plans are outlined in the following presentation. Please read the presentation in its entirety as there are several action steps families need to take this month.

Back to School Family Presentation

Based on family feedback, we are planning for an everyday, all-in model with a virtual option. The start of school will be delayed until August 26 to allow for our teachers and staff to make necessary physical building changes and curriculum adjustments as well as engage in professional development for a new in-person and virtual instructional model.

Parents may choose whether each of their Solon students participates in the school building or from home. This is a decision that families must make based on their individual circumstances. We know these are not easy decisions. Please keep in mind that students in grades 7-12 who are learning virtually will only be able to participate in clubs and activities that are conducted virtually.

Although special education is not detailed specifically in the presentation, it is important to understand that plans are being made to address the individual needs of our students on IEPs. Student-specific information will be shared with families directly based on the at-school or virtual learning choice your family makes.

After reading the presentation and considering your options, please complete the following forms by the deadlines if you want your child to ride the bus and you want your child to learn virtually.

Transportation OPT IN Form by July 24:

In-School or Virtual Learning Parent Choice Form by July 31 If You Are Selecting The Virtual Option for Your Child:

After reading the documentation and the accompanying Frequently Asked Questions, if you have further questions or comments, please use the following form:



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