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Future Friday - Celebrating the Class of 2020

Today, we celebrate the future plans of our Solon High School Class of 2020! Just minutes ago, we started their day with the following message and link to the Future Friday, New Start New Us Virtual Wall.

Please take a few minutes today see all of the places they will go!

"Your path is your character defining itself more and more every day like a photograph coming into focus." - Jodie Foster

Good morning Solon High School Class of 2020… this is your day! #FutureFriday!

Today, we celebrate all of your hard work and glimpse into your future. Everyone at Solon High School and in the Solon Schools is incredibly proud of you.

You are all headed amazing places: college, the military and safety forces, the workforce and taking gap years. This year did not go as planned, but life seldom does. Although we couldn’t gather in the Commons or hang these #NewStartNewUs certificates in the halls of SHS, we love having them all in one virtual place to celebrate you with music!

So, follow your passions and enjoy the journey. We know you will do great things. You will always be Solon Comets, but you will also be so much more…

#FutureFriday #NewStartNewUs Virtual Wall