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Fall Sports Medallion Awards

2020-21 Fall Sports Medallion Winners

This honor is awarded to an athlete on each team that has earned the highest grade point average for the grading period along with a varsity letter during their season.  Athletes can only win this award once during their high school career.


Golf (g)                           Grace Farley (12)         

Golf (b)                           Aidan Cullers (11)        

Cheerleader                   Brooke Abraham (12)  

Cheerleader                   Isabelle Levy (11)        

Tennis (g)                      Laura Mo (10)               

CC (b)                             Adam Yousef (11)                  

CC (g)                             Meena Chandrasekharan (10)                           

Soccer (b)                      Aaron Kaiser (11)                  

Soccer (g)                      Avani Pham (11)

Volleyball                        Gina Uguccini (12)                 

Football                          Matthew Charney (10)

Manager/Trainer           Ester Baek (10)            

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