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SHS Parking Permits on Sale Now!

All juniors and seniors who are already licensed drivers are eligible to apply and obtain a Solon High School parking permit by registering online beginning August 5.

Please note: Students who have not yet received their license may not purchase or apply for a permit until they have their license. Permits WILL NOT be held or reserved for any students. Permits will only be sold and issued to the registered student (No friends or family members may pick up the permit for them). Please be sure to the follow the instructions and deadline for the new educational requirement on Ohio’s Graduated Driving License law for all students purchasing a parking permit outlined later in this message.

To apply for a 2019-20 parking permit, students should go to the Solon High School page on the district web site at and look for 2019-20 SHS Parking Passes under the “Quick Links” section on the right side of the page.  Click on “Parking Permit Application Website” and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Then, to pay for the permit, please log into your EZpay account (when you complete the registration form, you will be automatically directed to the EZpay site). You will find the Parking Permit purchase option under the Activity Fees link. If you do not have an EZpay account, you may register your child on the EZpay site at this time.  


All past due fees and fines must be paid before registering on line. 


 Click on the Activity Fees link.

  1. Click on the Parking Permit option.
  2. Select which student is purchasing the permit. If junior and senior students in the same family are purchasing permits for two family cars, this can be accomplished with one transaction. Be sure that both students complete the online registration form.
  3. Add the permits to the payment basket.
  4. Proceed to check out.
  5. Pay for the permits by credit card using the EZpay system (the preferred method of payment for parking permits). However, if a family decides that they want to pay in person, the student may do so when he or she comes to pick up the permit in August. The cost is $25 and may be paid in cash or by check made out to Solon Board of Education.
  6. Print EZpay receipt (must show your name and that payment was made for a parking permit).

You may also add money to students’ lunch accounts during this same transaction. Simply click on Return to Payment Center prior to completing the transaction and add the amount of lunch money you wish add. Then, select the Click to Checkout option with the shopping cart icon on the right of the screen. You will have the opportunity to review your transaction. If all information is correct, click on Quick Checkout and complete the transaction.  

All SENIORS must provide the required immunization documentation before picking up their parking permit. 

→ NEW THIS YEAR: All drivers must also complete an educational module on Ohio’s Graduated Driving License Law to receive a Solon High School parking permit. We encourage parents and students to watch the module and take the quiz together to improve understanding of the GDL law, increase understanding of the risks of teen driving and protect teen drivers and passengers. The module outlines elements of Ohio’s Graduated Driving License, including: Passenger Limits, Night-Time Driving, Mandatory Seat Belt Use and No Electronic Devices.

The module takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. The school will receive confirmation that students have completed module after they take the online quiz and sign and submit the safe driving pledge at the end of the module.

IMPORTANT: Students must complete the GDL educational module by midnight Sunday, August 11, to receive their parking permit prior to the start of school. Students who do not complete the module by Sunday night will not be able to park at school or pick up their parking permit until the first day of school, August 21.  

To access the GDL module, use the following link:


  • Use a computer or Chromebook (not a phone or iPad) to complete the module.
  • Click on the white forward arrow to begin the module.
  • Use the gold forward arrow in the bottom right of your screen to advance through each section.
  • Complete all questions on the quiz.
  • Enter student first name, last name, Solon Schools email address and zip code on the Safe Driving Pledge page at the conclusion of the module.
  • Click the yellow Submit button to send the student’s course submission information to SHS. (Students will know their confirmation was sent to the school when they see the Congratulations and Thank You for taking the safe driver, passenger and GDL law follower pedge screen.)

PARKING PERMIT PICK UP: Parking permits may be picked up outside the commons (door 11) the week before school begins (you must register online prior to coming in to pick up your permit):

  • Seniors: Tuesday, August 13, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Juniors: Wednesday, August 14, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Students who are unable to pick up permits at this time can pick them up at the main office on Monday, August 19, or Tuesday, August 20, from noon to 3 p.m.

Students will need to show their license, proof of insurance, vehicle registration and printed EZpay receipt to pick up their permit. The EZpay receipt must show the student’s name and that payment was made for a parking permit (Checks or cash will also be accepted). Expired or outdated documents are not accepted.

Please remember that parking on campus is a privilege, not a right. The student responsibilities related to parking at SHS are attached. These are the same rules that are detailed in the student handbook.

Thank you for your cooperation.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Frazier at 349-7259 or by email at




  1. All cars parked on school property MUST be registered. Solon High School is NOT responsible or liable for damage to student vehicles. PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  2. Cars without a parking permit visibly displayed and/or illegally parked cars may be immobilized/towed at student’s expense. (Removal of the immobilization device is a minimum of $50.
  3. Legally registered students who drive a different car to school for the day MUST move their parking permit to their alternate car and have it displayed. This alternate car must be registered in the main office.
  4. Students are NOT permitted to share their permits with other students.
  5. Permit can only be used in the car that is registered with the High school.
  6. Students are NOT permitted in cars during school hours.
  7. Reckless driving, speeding, squealing of tires, etc. are grounds for loss of driving privileges.
  8. Drivers must be licensed and insured.
  9. Student vehicles may be subject to search if there are grounds to believe that drugs, stolen property or other illegal items and contraband might be in the vehicle.
  10. PARKING ON SCHOOL PROPERTY IS A PRIVILEGE. Parking regulations will be strictly enforced. The privilege to park can be lost under the following conditions: After 65 hours of absence from school without a doctor’s note (this includes tardies, early dismissals, half and full day absence) − regard­less if excused or unexcused − the student’s parking permit will be revoked and parking privileges will be lost for the remainder of the year.
  11. Reserved and teacher areas are marked in red. Students may NOT park in these areas. This includes parking at the Board of Education. Students may only park in the spaces marked in yellow at the High School.
  12. Students may park in handicapped spaces only if they have a state-issued handicapped permit.
  13. PERMITS MUST BE HUNG ON REARVIEW MIRROR. Parking permits may not be used, sold or transferred to another student – vio­lation will result in loss of parking privilege and may include school disciplinary consequences.
  14. If you lose your permit, you must purchase a replacement at full price immediately.
  15. If your permit is revoked for any reason, no refunds will be given.
  16. If a student with a registered parking permit does not have their pass displayed for any reason, they must sign into the daily parking change booklet located in the main office before 7:50 a.m.


Consequences for Violation of Student Parking:

1st offense: Warning

2nd offense: Pass revoked for two weeks

3rd offense: Pass revoked for the remainder of year. (This does not apply to #10.)