• Our Mission:

    Solon City Schools, a diverse collaborative learning community of families, staff, and community members, will ensure all students attain the knowledge and skills to succeed and become contributing, ethical citizens in a global society, through our unwavering commitment to inspire every student to achieve personal excellence.

    Our Beliefs

    We believe each individual has inherent worth and dignity.
    We believe education empowers people.
    We believe lifelong learning is essential in a changing world.
    We believe educated citizens are essential to America's future.
    We believe quality public schools are essential to American Democracy.
    We believe quality education is worth the investment of time, effort and money.
    We believe all students can and will learn.
    We believe all students have the right to reach their potential.
    We believe education is a partnership of the student, home, school and community.
    We believe all families have primary responsibility for the growth and development of their children.
    We believe honesty and integrity are essential values throughout our school system and community.
    We believe quality teachers are essential to quality education.
    We believe learning thrives in a safe, nurturing and supportive environment.
    We believe positive self-esteem fosters learning and learning promotes self-esteem.
    We believe optimum education occurs when students accept responsibility for their own learning.
    We believe diversity enriches our community.
    We believe our schools serve the entire community.