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  • Solon Schools District-PTA Calendar  

    Welcome to the 2023-24 school year! 

    Our annual Solon Schools District-PTA Calendar is all online this year! The change to an integrated Google calendar was made in response to family feedback and the need for a more flexible format that can easily accommodate the many updates and changes we have throughout the year. This online format enables you to customize your view so you can streamline and see just the information you need! By subscribing to any individual school calendar, as well as the district calendar, your personal calendar will automatically update when any changes are made, so that you are always up to date on school-specific dates. It's just that easy!

    To see the school year at a glance, view the Solon Schools District Calendar 2023-24 - One Page. This one-page summary includes start and end dates, days off school as well as Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks. 

    Solon Schools 2024-25 District Calendar - Approved

  • Making the New Calendar Work for You!

    The new online District-PTA calendar integrates 8 separate Solon Schools calendars: the District, Solon High School, Solon Middle School, Orchard Middle School, Parkside Elementary, Lewis Elementary, Roxbury Elementary and Regano Early Learning Center. The district calendar includes all holidays, days off school and breaks, Board of Education meetings and district-wide events. You can view each calendar individually or as an integrated calendar as displayed below, so you can see all events in one view. 

    You can subscribe to any of the calendars so that you can see just the events most pertinent to your family's needs in your personal calendar. We recommend subscribing to the district calendar as well as each school calendar where your students attend. You can receive notifications for updated/changed events as well as reminders for events in the days leading up to the programs/events.  

    To customize your view and subscribe to individual calendars, just follow the easy steps below!

    Use the drop down menu in the upper right-hand corner of the calendar to select which calendars you wish to view. Image showing where to click on calendar

    Use the Google calendar link Google Calendar Subscribe Imagein the lower right-hand corner of the calendar to subscribe to the calendars of your choice.

    Color-Coded Calendar Key

    Color Calendar Key

    Please note: These calendars are dynamic and events are subject to change.