Solon Schools Parent Mentor Program

  • Our Solon Parent Mentor is Joanna Innes.

    Who Are Parent Mentors?

    The Parent Mentor Project is a program funded through the Ohio Department of Education. This program is designed to support families in understanding the special educator process by providing the information needed to become effective partners for their children with special needs.

    A Parent Mentor is someone who has a child with special needs who recognizes how overwhelming the special education maze can be for a family. The mentor's role is to listen to the concerns expressed by parents and provide helpful information to address those concerns. The mentor's focus is on working with parents and school personnel to develop goals and strategies to maximize the learning process for the child.

    The ultimate goal shared by everyone (parents, teachers and administrators alike) is to ensure the academic success of all Solon students.

    What Do Parent Mentors Do?

    • Act as a liaison between the parents and the school
    • Guide parents through the Special Education process
    • Provide confidential support for parental concerns and questions
    • Supply information on Special Education services, policies and procedures
    • Link parents to support groups or other parents
    • Explain the Individual Education Plan (IEP) process and attend team meetings as needed
    • Provide information about Special Education and the law
    • Publish The OPEN Channel, a parent newsletter highlighting Special Education issues
    • Provide a Lending Library of materials to assist parents and professionals
    • Work cooperatively with OPEN (Organized Parent Education Network) to provide parent workshops and parent networking meetings

    Why Do We Need A Parent Mentor?


    • Your child and special education services?
    • State and federal laws regarding students with disabilities?
    • The assessment process and how a student is identified to have special education services?
    • The (IEP) Individual Education Plan and how parents are involved in its development?

    DO YOU WANT . . .

    • Information about special education resources?
    • Information about specific disabilities?
    • Information about OPEN (Organized Parent Education Network)?
    • Information about parent educational workshops?

    DO YOU NEED . . .

    • To talk to a parent experienced in the special education process?
    • Someone to accompany you to parent/teacher meetings?

    For More Information About Special Education Services including:

    • Testing, IEP development and information
    • The special education programs available in Solon Schools
    • Parent Workshops
    • OPEN

    CONTACT: Joanna InnesSolon Parent Mentor Coordinator, at 349-8039 or


     Let's Talk - Parent Meet Up Schedule





    The Distance Learning Playbook for Parents - A 6-Week Interactive Workshop for Families & Caregivers

    This school year has presented new challenges with an unprecedented reliance on digital learning. Throughout the year, Solon staff members have been using an excellent resource, "The Distance Learning Playbook for K-12," to guide their practices and perspectives on digital learning.

    To help families of virtual learners expand their own skills and exchange ideas, Solon’s Parent Mentor Annie Dellamorte will lead a series of workshops focused on a companion book to the K-12 Playbook, "The Distance Learning Playbook for Parents: How to Support Your Child's Academic, Social, and Emotional Development in Any Setting."

    This workshop series is supported through a grant from the Ohio Department of Education and each household participating will receive a free copy of the distance learning family resource playbook used in the workshops.

    Distance Learning Playbook - Workshop for Virtual Families & Caregivers Session 1

    Distance Learning Playbook - Workshop for Virtual Families & Caregivers Session 2

    Distance Learning Playbook - Workshop for Virtual Families & Caregivers Session 3

    Distance Learning Playbook - Workshop for Virtual Families & Caregivers Session 4