Degrees and Certifications:

master's degree

Madame Frazier


French 2

French 3

French 4 



lesson plans and assignments are posted daily on Google Classroom   

supplies for 2021 school year 

Binder (optional)/looseleaf paper

notebook for classnotes

folder ( for documents)

Earbuds - mandatory

plastic ruler


glue stick

color pencils


black sharpie will be used for posters 

red pen /other colors for corrections

Large box of tissue - drop off in room 

sticky notes 

workbook (purchase online or at bookstore) - required

French 2 only  - journal book or small notebook that we will use for our recipe book

French 3-4-  - you can use your recipe book from last year or you will need a new one ( up to you )

optional : eraser / pencil sharpener