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    Counseling and Student Services! 


    To access the SMS Counseling Google Site with additional resources please visit: 

      SMS Counseling and Student Services Website

    Mission Statement:

    Supporting the Solon Schools mission, the comprehensive school counseling program encourages all students to reach their fullest potential.  The professional school counseling program facilitates the partnership of families, teachers, administrators, special services, and the community by enhancing the academic, career, and personal/social development of all students.  

    School counselors work with students to: 

    • support their academic progress and goals;

    • develop their college and career related knowledge, skills, and pathways;

    • support their social/emotional development, skills and mindsets.

    SMS Counseling Office Staff

    Mrs. Nicole Westendorf 

    School Counselor for the Class of 2028 (current 8th graders in 2023-2024)



    Mrs. Wendy Dingman

    School Counselor for the Class of 2029 (current 7th graders in 2023-2024)



    Mrs. Brooke Voigt                    

          School Psychologist



    Mr. Logan Babcock

    SAY Counselor



    Mrs. Liz Roberto   

    Attendance and Counseling Office Secretary  



    (SMS Daily Attendance Line: 440-349-7405)


    Students may make an appointment with their counselor or stop in before/after school or during lunch or study hall.  A teacher, administrator, or parent may also refer students to their counselor.  SMS counselors facilitate the partnership of families, teachers, administrators, special services, and the community to help all students become ethical and productive members of our diverse learning community.  

    We support The Comet Way of building Passion, Perseverance, and Character in our learning community on our shared journey toward excellence.  We are SC!   


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