• Speech and Debate teaches students how to structure and defend arguments with up-to-date research, how to analyze and interpret literature and bring characters to life, and how to use vocal variety and physical mechanics to effectively communicate their messages.

    Your state and national qualifying SHS Speech and Debate Team is open to students in grades nine through twelve seeking to improve and master skills of oration and argumentation through the numerous forensic events that are offered. These talented, motivated students travel across the state of Ohio to various regional tournaments in order to prepare for the state qualifying district tournament, the state tournament, the National Speech & Debate Association's National Tournament, and other nationally recognized tournaments (Yale, Glenbrooks, Sunvite, UPenn, Harvard, TOC, NIETOC, etc.). 

    As one of the 60 National Speech & Debate leagues, the Ohio Speech and Debate Association (OSDA) has 13 competitive categories in order to allow students to experiment with different speaking styles. From on-the-spot Extemporaneous Speaking to acting out tragedies in Dramatic Interpretation to philosophical Lincoln-Douglas Debate, this competitive team gives high school students the chance to step out of their comfort zone and discover the orator within.

    Each member of the team is required to attend a minimum of seven regional tournaments and the state qualifying tournament. Tournaments are  essential for improving speaking skills, sharpening argumentative reasoning, and garnering a reputation amongst competitors in the various districts. Schools host tournaments every Saturday from late October through January to help students hone their skills. Generally, a competitor will compete in four rounds and are ranked from first to last, giving the speaker several chances to prove his or her merit and win at the tournament.


    Find Your Voice: Join Debate!  https://video.link/w/tFg9c  

    Take Your Story to the Stage! https://video.link/w/2Wf9c



    Advisor Name: Trina Castro

    Advisor E-mail: trinacastro@solonboe.org 


    Meetings: Team members practice weekly with coaches and event captains. Practices are typically held on Mondays through individual sign-ups. Our season begins in October and runs through early March. Tournaments take place on Saturdays and via our online competition software.