• Science Olympiad is a national program where students with an interest in science are encouraged to participate in several of twenty-three specific events related to life science, physics, earth science and chemistry.  Some are study events and others are "build" events requiring students to design/build a device to specific parameters and then demonstrate it in competition. Participating schools in each state send a complete team of fifteen students to regional competitions where event teams of two or three students compete in each of 23 events. Winners at the regional level advance to the state and national levels. The State competition is held at The Ohio State University in April and in past years the national competition has been held in late May in Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio and Florida.  For 2019, the National Tournament will be held at Cornell Univerity on June 1. Solon has been fortunate to send a team to the national competition for eighteen of the past twenty-one seasons placing in the top ten each time. Solon has won first place in 1998, 2011, 2012 and 2013. The 2018 results were a fourth place national finish. Top place finishers at the national level in individual events and at the team level may be awarded scholarships to hosting universities and/or individual scholarships or other prizes. There is a lot of individual work and study in the Science Olympiad Program but there is also a lot of travel and fun.

    Students meet in the evenings on Thursdays from 6:00 - 8:00 PM in Room 240. Access to the woodshop will be announced as well as event specific practice or help times.  Competitions are on Saturdays, January through March with the exception of one in early December.   Please click here to get to our club website and calendar.

    Ninth Grade Students NOTE

    • Ninth Graders must first try out for the Division B Team by expressing interest, applying and taking the tryout test in the fall administered at SMS and accepting a slot if they are selected.  Information on the application and tryout test process will be posted on the Solon Middle School site - often in the news feed. Solon Division B, an extremely successful program taking first once again at nationals in 2018, aligns best with their current course materials and experience level. If they do NOT make the Division B team, they are encouraged to join us for the invitational season where they can study, compete and travel with the club. Again, the only criteria is an interest in science; no experience is needed.

    For additional information you can reach out to the Head Coach Cherese Fiorina through email at or call her at 216.470.1650.