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B.A. Otterbein University MA.Ed Walsh University

Mr. Travis Fankhauser MA. Ed

 2021 Curriculum Night Videos

Health Education

PE Basketball Videos

Information/Materials/Supplies Needed for PE/Health classes:


Students will no longer be assigned PE lockers or be able to leave backpacks and personal items in the locker rooms during class. Students are still required to have athletic shoes daily. Athletic attire is recommended, but not required, and students must be able to fully participate in whatever they choose to wear to class. 

Students who choose to change for PE will be allowed to do so for 5 minutes at the beginning of the period and 5 minutes at the end of the period. All students will bring their bags to the class designated meeting spot prior to the start of class. Teachers will review these new procedures with students during class.  

Additionally, we will be limiting locker room access during class. Students who need to use the restroom during class will use the restrooms in the pool lobby. Only those students who choose to change for class will be entering and utilizing the locker rooms. All other students will go directly to the designated class meeting location.

We are hopeful that these changes, in addition to increased adult supervision in the area, will allow all of our students to partake in their PE class while still protecting student valuables and limiting behaviors that are a violation of our code of conduct.

Sports & Activities/Competitive Sports: 1. Folder for all class notes/handouts to be kept in PE Locker

2. Athletic Shoes & Socks, Athletic T-Shirt (NO CUT OFFS OF ANYKIND), Athletic shorts or pants.

PE Basketball:  1. Folder for all class notes/handouts to be kept in PE locker

2. Basketball Shoes & Socks, athletic shorts.  Class Fee: $18.00 for Basketball Reversible Jersey. Pay fee through ezpay account. 

Health Education: Students will need a one inch 3 ring binder to keep all Health notes and materials.  One pack of Colored pencils and/or crayons are required.