• Shrek The Musical, 2016

    Dues: $5 per year – must be paid prior to auditioning or working crew for any show. Membership is open to all interested Solon High School students in grades nine through twelve and is accepted throughout the school year. Drama Club welcomes all students interested in performing in both drama and musical theatre as well as those interested in the production aspects of the theatre, which include stage management, set construction, costuming, make-up, lighting and props. The members of Drama Club will support all theatre productions throughout the school year. This organization will also work to expose students to good and appropriate theatre experiences through field trips within the greater Cleveland area. The Solon High School Drama Club also sponsors the student-directed An Evening of One-Acts each February, a $500 Theatre Arts Scholarship, a $500 Award of Distinction, a $500 Bob Keller Memorial Scholarship and Drama Club Awards Night in May. The elected officers (senior class members) are voted into office in May and will call formal meetings three to four times each school year to discuss upcoming events and the Saturday morning CREW sessions (9 a.m. to 1 p.m. as noted on the call board across from the choir room) which serve as the informal working meetings of the club. Drama Club is governed by a set of by-laws that is affirmed by the club members.



    Advisor Name: Kris Ferencie

    Advisor E-mail: kristinaferencie@solonboe.org