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    Students who are selected for the Solon Middle School (Division B) Science Olympiad Team 2020-2021 are:

    9th graders: Kyle Zhou, Grace Chen, Jacob Liebson, Joshua Jiang, Tienna Zeng, Henry Frederick, Sairam Pantham, Sanjana Chirravuri, Sophia Chen, Isaac Bai

    8th graders: Yashwin Kunam, William Zheng, Devin Lim, Kevin Lim, Steven Wang, Victoria Dai, Esther Lyublinski, Meenakshi Puram, Jiya Rai, Luke Kim, Emir Valappil, Julia Wang

    7th graders: Rebecca Jacob, Karen Changchien, Christopher Wang, Grant Lee, Yuvha Karthikeyan, Siri Kolli, Vihaan Shah, Srinesh Nandakumar, Nithya Natesan, Bryan Shin

    6th graders: Isaac Liebson, Iris Li, Matthew Giorgiadi 


    Mr. Brewer and Mrs. Nair



    Important Forms:

    Tryout Application 


    Important Dates:


    • Ninth Graders must first try out for the Division B Team by expressing interest, applying and accepting a team placement if you are selected.  Please fill out and send in your applications on or before September 20, 2020