Drama Club

  • Have you ever wanted to be an actor on stage? Drama club gives you an opportunity to participate in supervised creative dramatic activities which include performances in front of an audience. You will be exposed to different aspects of theatre including impromptu skits, monologues, blocking, and prop selection and use. These activities nurture spontaneity by helping you to think on your feet and use your imagination. You will learn empathy to understand how others feel. You will learn to identify emotions and how to express them. The drama also teaches patience and commitment.

    This club meets starting in November, the second quarter of the school year. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays until 4:45 PM. Rehearsal calendars will be provided via Google classroom as well as in person.

    During Tech week (the week prior to the play), students will need to stay every day until 6:00 PM.

    If you commit, you must attend all practices and performances. Any dental or doctor's appointments as well as other after-school activities should be made around this schedule.

    All students that audition will get a part! The play will be performed one or two evenings in late January or early February at 7:00 PM.


    Drama Club Advisors: Stephanie Bettinger, SMS Choir Teacher, and Diane Aughinbaugh, SMS Industrial Technology Teacher