Degrees and Certifications:

BS Biology Heidelberg University MS Natural Sciences Colorado State University MEd Educational Leadership University of Cincinnati

Mrs. Kirsten Ahrens

Welcome to our class website. Please take time to navigate the links below; I think you will find them interesting and informative. 

For the 2020-2021 school year, I would encourage you to have your own box of supplies that you keep on you and don't share with others. These supplies might also be useful for other classes as well so they can be used for all high school classes not just anatomy. The typical supplies we use regularly are listed below plus: scissors, glue, tape, stapler, highlighters, ruler, calculator, white out, post its, pencil sharpener

Anatomy and Physiology Class:

Notebook or loose leaf paper (completely up to you), pens/pencils/erasers, non-latex gloves that fit your hand for labs/dissections, LARGE box of color pencils--the more colors the better, headphones, glue sticks/glue, kleenex for the classroom.

Forensics Class:

Folder for handouts, notebook paper, pens/pencils/colored pencils/erasers, scientific calculator (needs to be able to do the "ex" and "log" functions), one roll of paper towels for the classroom, hand soap for the classroom, headphones.


Google Classroom Codes

First Period Forensics: p3fss4l

Second Period Forensics: t6mu6bl

Fifth Period Anatomy: 734paih

Sixth Period Anatomy: mmtlrdy

Seventh Period Anatomy: vi6tjy3

Curriculum Night Video: Anatomy

Curriculum Night Video: Forensics