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Mrs. Romanin's 3rd Grade Class

Welcome 3rd grade families to Mrs. Romanin's 3rd Grade Class! I am so excited to meet you and start our year. Even though this year may look different than others, I know we will still have a great year! 

Please join the Google Classrooms below using the codes listed. Please add your child to these Google Classrooms before the start of school on Wednesday, August 26th. Thank you! Here is a link to Google Classroom:

Mrs. Romanin's Google Classrooms:

2020-G3-Homeroom-Mrs.Romanin- mnykgg5

2020-G3-Math- Mrs. Romanin kfkcrvn

2020-G3-Reading-Mrs.Romanin- 5hayr67

2020-G3-Writing-Mrs.Romanin jsb6arg

2020-G3-Science/SS- Mrs.Romanin lk5b26p

2020-G3-NNI- Mrs.Romanin ozjvw7x

Special's Google Classrooms: 

Phys Ed: gvoal3y

Music: lkpfef6

Art:  jwz5mgk

Library: lf2dkbi