Joseph V. Regano Early Learning Center

  • Welcome to  Joseph V. Regano Early Learning Center!

    The first day of preschool is Monday, August 21, 2023.

    Preschool Program Philosophy

    Regano ELC Preschool Program believes that every child is unique with their own individual patterns of growth and learning styles. Our team supports the development of the whole child and learning through play.  Our program provides a developmentally appropriate environment and curriculum that meets the individual needs of our students. 

    To promote growth and development, our team focuses on the following philosophies:

    • Providing individualized developmentally appropriate instruction in a rich language-based environment that stimulates natural curiosity and invites the child to explore through play. 

    • Supporting the diversity and individuality of each child, as well as the family’s values and cultural beliefs.

    • Guiding children through their individual stages emphasizes developmental and age-appropriate needs.  Our guidance provides a basis for experimentation, problem-solving, decision-making, and social interaction.

    • Reinforcing the child’s present abilities and achievements as well as reinforcing their appreciation for their own similarities and differences from others.  Children are encouraged to be sensitive to the needs of others and communicate their feelings in a productive manner.

    • Collaborating  as a team, with an emphasis on establishing true partnerships between home and school, parents and teachers, child and community. This collaboration reflects our respect for the child’s first teachers, the parents.  The exchange of knowledge, concerns, ideas, and solutions enhances this partnership.  

    • Advocating for each child the right to an enriched preschool experience that is age appropriate, developmentally appropriate, and individually appropriate.

    If you have any questions, please contact Amy Wallack, Preschool Director:



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