• Welcome to the Solon Organized Parent Education Network!

    Founded in 1987, Solon’s Organized Parent Education Network (OPEN) is a collaborative organization that strives to support families of children with disabilities by:
    • helping parents network within the Solon special education community
    • improving communication between parents and professionals
    • assisting parents in navigating the special education system by providing information and resources for parents, extending parent support for academic concerns, and increasing school & community awareness
    OPEN annually sponsors the Donna Boss Educational Lecture Series, providing opportunities for parents, teachers, administrators and other interested community members to:
    • network with other parents and educational professionals
    • become informed and updated about current issues that affect traditional and special education
    • build effective partnerships among parents, teachers and other school personnel involved in your child’s special education
    OPEN Board Members
    Laura Kaufman-President
    Julie Dorsey-Vice President/Publicist 
    Lisa Perna-Treasurer 
    Sarah Braid-Community Events/Librarian
    Lawrence Daniels-Secretary
    Joanna Innes- Solon Parent Mentor




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    Hi, I'm Joanna Innes, the district's Parent Mentor.  I am a member of the district’s Special Education staff responsible for providing families of students with disabilities with additional resources, guidance and support as we navigate Solon’s Special Education system. 

    I am a free and confidential resource - provided to you through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education - here to help you learn to better advocate for your child, to facilitate communication between you and school personnel, and to answer any questions that may arise. 

    Contact Information: (440) 349-8039

    Program Resources - To watch OPEN programs in the video archive, head over to Solon Education TV.