What's for Lunch?

  • Strong Bodies, Bright Minds


    The Solon Schools Food Service Department is committedto improving the health and academic potential of our students ... building Strong Bodies and Bright Minds one meal at a time.

    Our menu is designed to ensure students receive a nutritionally balanced meal every day, consisting of foods from all major food groups.

    Every meal is carefully planned to meet or exceed federally mandated guidelines by:

    • Emphasizing whole-grain-rich foods
    • Offering at least 1/2 cup of fruits and vegetables every day
    • Focusing in lean protein options to support growth and development
    • Providing choices for low-fat flavored and unflavored milk
    • Limiting the number of desserts offered to allow for an emphasis on nutrient-rich foods
    • Minimizing sodium, while maximizing flavor


    Our promise to you ...

    1. Provide a Wide Variety of Nutritious Foods

    Strong Bodies, Bright Minds features meals that meed or exceed federally manadated nutrition guidelines, continuously striving to source quality food ingredients that meet the following parameters:

    • Nutrient rich
    • Fresh
    • Local, when possible

    2. Educate Students, Parents and Staff to Make Healthy Choices

    The Strong Bodies, Bright Minds program features tools to teach students about making healthy choices for their bodies and the environment. We use a variety of educational tools, including our menu, wellness posters and activities, Tasty Bites sampling, special guests, Nutrition Nuggets newsletters, collaboration with physical educational and athletic departments, and other student and parent nutrition education materials to engage, enable and encourage students toward a lifetime of good health.

    3. Create Appealing and Healthy Eating Environments

    We have created dynamic, interactive, age-appropriate dining environments to aid in healthy meal selection, excite students and increase the number of students who want to participate in the school lunch program by buying lunch at school.



    Lunch Prices for the 2019-20 School Year

    Grades K-6: $3.40

    Grades 7-12: $3.65



    School Menus


    Solon High School students wishing to purchase lunch from the Gluten-Free Lunch Rotating Lunch Menu, must submit a request form each day they purchase by 9 a.m. To submit a Gluten-Free Lunch Request, click on the following link: Solon High School Gluten-Free Lunch Request Form