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    The Solon Schools consistently rank among Ohio's top school districts each year. Solon students earned Ohio's #1 school report card for student achievement for 2018, the fourth year in a row. 

    It’s All A’s For the Solon Schools:

    For an unprecedented fourth year in a row, Solon students earned the state of Ohio’s #1 school report card grade for academic achievement.

    Equally important, the Solon Schools is one of only three districts statewide – and only northeast Ohio district – to earn All A’s for the individual Ohio School Report Card Component Grades and Final Grade.

    The Component Grades measure Achievement, Progress, Gap Closing, Graduation Rate, Improving At-Risk K-3 Readers and Prepared for Success. The Final Grade, a composite of the Component Grades, is new to the Ohio School Report Card this year.

    The Solon Schools earned the state’s highest achievement score, with a performance index of 111.8, an increase in student achievement from last year.

    “Today is a day to celebrate the successes of our students and staff,” said Joseph Regano, superintendent of the Solon Schools. “Congratulations to our entire Solon Schools community for bringing home a straight A report card and earning the highest achievement scores in Ohio for an amazing fourth year. The continued academic excellence reflected in these results is a direct outgrowth of the district’s mission of meeting the needs of every student every day. The perseverance and grit it takes to keep a laser focus doing what is best for students so they can achieve their personal best and meet increasingly high expectations is not easy. It takes an unwavering commitment and strong partnership with our families and community. We saw this exceptional community support for Solon’s academic program in the spring during the levy campaign. None of this would be possible without that support.”

    Ohio’s School Report Card measures continue to raise expectations for all students. The culture of collaboration, shared responsibility and ongoing commitment to continuous quality improvement as outlined in the district’s strategic plan is vital to the success and sustained excellence of the Solon Schools, Mr. Regano noted.

    “We are so gratified that the results announced today reflect the hard work, effort and passion for learning we see in our students,” Mr. Regano said. “We can always improve and as we do every day, we will commit to the work necessary to continue to do better. But today is for gratitude and celebration. Thank you to everyone in the Solon Schools’ community for the role they play each day in our students’ successes and congratulations to our students, staff, families and the entire community on this noteworthy achievement.”

    Mr. Regano added that the increase in achievement seen for Ohio students statewide is gratifying.

    Solon’s educational program is focused on helping students meet the increased rigor of Ohio’s learning standards. Each day in the classroom, students engage in active learning that includes collaboration, communication, analyzing, problem solving and application. These skills are necessary for students to become independent, critical thinkers and for their future success in college and the workforce.



    Ohio School Report Card Measures Explained:


    This grade combines two results for students who took state tests. The first result answers the question How many students passed the state test? The second result answers the question - How well did students do on the state test?

    Solon Schools earned the state’s highest achievement score on the 2018 Ohio School Report Card.


    Performance Index: 

    The Performance Index measures the test results of every student, not just those who score proficient or higher. There are six levels on the index and districts receive points for every student in each of these levels. The higher the achievement level, the more points awarded in the district’s index. This rewards schools and districts for improving the performance of all students, regardless of achievement level.

    Solon Schools earned a composite grade of A for Achievement and a Performance Index score of 111.8 on the 2018 Ohio School Report Card.


    Indicators Met:

    The Indicators Met grade measures the percent of students who have passed the state tests. This also includes the gifted indicator. Test results are reported for each student in a grade and subject.


    View Solon's 2018 Ohio School Report Card Here