Board of Education

  • Solon Board of Education - Group photo of all five board members


    Julie Glavin (440) 349-0806 President 2021

    John Heckman (440) 248-1878

    Leanne Jones (440) 542-1263 Vice President 2021

    Kevin Patton (440) 248-9025

    Marilyn Thomas (440) 248-0961

    Leadership Promoting High Achievement and Fiscal Accountability

    Elected by our community, the Solon Board of Education works as a team with a common goal – ensuring students achieve personal excellence. As a board, their role is setting policy that moves the district toward that goal. The board fosters a collaborative Strategic Planning process that brings together parents, staff and community representatives to develop a strategic and action-oriented educational vision with measurable goals for student learning and engagement.

    The Solon Board of Education is accountable to the community to ensure students receive the best education program possible while at the same time serving as a responsible fiscal steward of district funds. As advocates for strong public schools, Solon school board members also promote healthy dialogue with the community. They proactively communicate district needs to the public and relay community expectations to the district’s administrative leadership.

    The elected board leadership keeps the district mission of every child every day at the forefront of its decision-making, reflecting the district belief that quality education is worth the investment of time, effort and financial resources.

    Solon Board of Education members welcome your questions or comments at any time.


    To watch the video recordings of the board meetings, click HERE

    Due to COVID-19, the Solon Board of Education is meeting in person and adhering to physical distancing protocols recommended by public health officials. The meetings are being streamed online and public comment may be submitted via email to Please be sure to write PUBLIC COMMENT with the Board Meeting date in the subject line and include your name and address in the text of the message.

    The live stream can be viewed on YouTube HERE

    Upcoming Board of Education Meetings:


    January 11 (6 p.m.) - Annual Organizational Meeting and Regular Meeting

    January 25 (6 p.m.)                                                            

    February 8 (6 p.m.) February 22 (6 p.m.)

    March 15 (6 p.m.) 

    March 29 (6 p.m.)                                                              

    April 12 (6 p.m.)

    April 26 (6 p.m.)                                                                  

    May 10 (6 p.m.)

    May 27 (Commencement)                                   

    June 7 (8 a.m.)

    June 30 (8 a.m.)

    July 26 (8 a.m.)                                                    

    August 16 (8 a.m.)

    September 13 (6 p.m.)

    September 27 (6 p.m.)

    October 11 (6 p.m.)

    October 25 (6 p.m.)

    November 15 (6 p.m.)

    December 13 (6 p.m.)