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Mr. Ryan Conner

Physical Education Teacher

Parkside Elementary


Welcome to my website.  I hope you find it informative and helpful.  Please take time to navigate this site for more information about the Parkside Elementary Physical Education Program.

* My ultimate goal as a teacher is to help each student reach their ultimate potential.

* My three main objectives are:

1) For students to be safe

2) For students to have fun

3) For students to learn


* Students participated in our annual Turkey Bowl Event before Thanksgiving Break.  Turkey Bowl is a class competition.  The gym is set up with 6 bowling lanes and students are placed in groups on each lane.  Each lane has 3 bowling pins at the end of the lane.  A strike occurs when a student knocks down all three pins.  Each class has 20 min to bowl and get as many strikes as possible during that time.  The group in each lane creates a relay and takes turns bowling, setting up the pins, and retrieving the ball and bringing it back.  The students always look forward to it and had a lot of fun.  The following classes won the Turkey Bowl Championship for their age group:

Class (# of Strikes)

K - Shiban (105)

1st - Roncaglione (113)

2nd - Stec (152

3rd - (Hoffart/Wed)

4th - (Tuesday)


* In February, students will be participating in our annual Kids Heart Challenge Event (formerly known as Jump Rope for Heart) to raise money for the American Heart Association.  More info will be coming out in January.

* Please make sure that students have the appropriate shoes on the days they have physical education.  Students are not allowed to wear the following shoes:  No boots, dress shoes, crocs, sandles, slides, of any kind.  Students are only allowed to wear an athletic shoe.  


Standard 1 Assessments students will take throughout the year based on the Ohio State Physical Education Standards

- Basketball skills

- Soccer skills

- Jump Rope

- Motor skills

- Catching

- Throwing

- Gymnastics skills

The next Standard 1 Assessment the students will be completing is basketball dribbling when we come back from Winter Break.



* Please remember that students should be participating in actvities where they are moving for 60 minutes each day.  Research has shown that exercise helps us to think better, feel better, sleep better, and be overall healthier.  Kids who exercise regularly and achieve the 60 min per day of activities where they are moving are able to focus and concentrate better in school.  Please see the following article in the New York Times

 * Here is another great article discussing the positive impact exercise has on overall health and academic performance:

* Please take a look at the websites on the Helpful Resources page as well.

* Please contact me if you ever have any questions.



Mr. Conner