Peer Model Information  

    Regano Early Learning Center is an integrated preschool program that provides high quality education for preschool children with and without disabilities. Preschool students without disabilities who are enrolled in our program are referred to as peer models. 

    What is a Peer Model? 

    Peer models are non-disabled children between the ages of three and five who live in the Solon community. While benefiting from a high quality preschool experience, these children provide peer interaction and social motivation for children with disabilities. It is well documented in research that children learn not only from adults, but from interacting and observing other children. Therefore, our peer models are an integral part of our preschool program.

    Peer Model Selected Process  

    Our preschool program will have Preschool Peer Model Information Sessions in January for the following school year. If you indicate interest in the program, your child will be screened by members of our preschool staff. Screenings will be conducted after the information night. During the screening session, children will visit the preschool and be engaged in play activities with other preschool children. Staff are evaluating based on the qualifications listed below. After the screenings are conducted, parents or guardians will be notified about your child’s acceptance or placed on a wait list depending on the number of openings. 

    Our preschool program currently has a waiting list for peer models

    Please complete this link to be placed on the watiing list for a peer model screening


    Peer Model Qualifications

    A peer model must be 3 years old by August 1st and must be toilet trained by the start of the school year. 

    The following skills must be demonstrated during a peer model screening to be selected:

    • Age appropriate play skills (turn taking, sharing)
    • Strong language and communication skills; able to speak and understand English
    • Age appropriate independence and ability to take initiative
    • Age appropriate self-help skills (dressing, toileting, caring for own belongings)
    • Ability to make transitions, follow directions and demonstrate flexibility in routines 
    • Ability to separate from caregiver without distress, or, ability to quickly recover from distress  

    Program and Tuition Information 

    Our preschool classes are half day (morning or afternoon) Monday-Thursday for 2 ½ hours. The half-day classes have children with ages from 3-5 years old. The classrooms have a teacher and a teacher's aide. Our preschool program follows the Solon School District calendar. Parents or guardians must provide transportation to and from school. The tuition cost for peer modes is $1200.00 for the school year. The classroom programming incorporates a curriculum that addresses the Early Learning and Developmental Standards developed by the Ohio Department of Education as guidelines for what every child should experience in preschool before entering kindergarten. All children in the classes are assessed by the teachers for appropriate developmental progression of skills. 

    •  Morning class is from 8:00-10:30 am 
    •  Afternoon class is from 12:00-2:30 pm 


    Please contact the Regano Early Learning Center main office at 440-349-6210. 

    Amy Wallack, Director 

    Mrs. Krista Carlozzi, Secretary