Preschool Curriculum 

    Solon’s Regano ELC implements the Assessment Evaluation and Programing System (AEPS) curriculum and Handwriting Without Tears. The AEPS is a comprehensive, reliable system that is used to accurately assess children’s current skill levels, target instruction, goal development, intervention and monitor child’s progress for children ages birth to six. Handwriting Without Tears is a fun, engaging, developmentally appropriate curriculum that is used to support student’s handwriting skills. This curriculum is research based and provides multisensory strategies that address all styles of learning.


    Ohio's Early Learning and Development Standards

    Our preschool program is also guided by the Ohio Department of Education’s Early Learning and Development Standards .Ohio’s Early Learning and Development Standards describe the concepts and skills children develop and learn along the developmental continuum from birth to kindergarten entry. The Standards Resource Guides provide information about developmentally appropriate teaching practices and highlight learning experiences that support children’s development. These guides provide a framework for early care and education providers and show what these practices look like in a variety of early learning settings. The AEPS is aligned to Ohio’s Early Learning Standards.

    For more information regarding the Ohio Department of Education’s Early Learning and Development Standards.Ohio’s Early Learning and Development Standards, visit: https://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Early-Learning/Early-Learning-Content-Standards/ELDS-Resources