Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. College of Wooster, Art History M.A. Ashland University, Curriculum and Instruction

Mr. Rob Northrup

Welcome to our class.  Our class will primarily be conducted on Google Classroom.  Some basic information will be kept here. However, almost all student interaction will be through Google Classroom.  Codes for each class will be posted as school begins.  The calendar is regularly updated and will contain access to the basic lesson plans for families.



Paper:           Loose-leaf, 3 ring binder punched paper will be the best type of paper for handing in homework assignments.  Most assignments will be given electronically or on school printed paper.

Pen/Pencil:    Buy a pack of mechanical pencils or pens.  The important concept is that you have something to write with on a daily basis

                    Plan to have access to colored pencils and highlighters when we color or read and highlight in class.

Binder:         Please designate a 1.5 or 2-inch three-ring binder for Social Studies.  All papers distributed will be three-hole punched. 

While I may not be giving you a lot of papers at this point, you should have access to paper and writing tools during the school day.  Perhaps more importantly, you should develop an organizational system which works for you and within which you can find documents.  Many students develop a "home" binder as well as a system to bring relevant papers back and forth to school on a regular basis.