Cleveland Outreach Program would like to create an inclusive environment for every individual at Solon High School to satisfy their needs for volunteer hours, ESPECIALLY because COVID has made it difficult to grow volunteer hours for our college resumes.  We will help out many Cleveland organizations.  We will provide a sense of individuality within students and also give them opportunities to grow and lead on their own time....no serious commitment needed.  We will provide opportunities that will expose students to the Greater Cleveland area and to people with different backgrounds and abilities.

    Advisor E-mailseanfisher@solonboe.org 


    The Cleveland Outreach Program is holding a Book Drive from October 17 - October 28, 2022. We want to help eradicate the cost of academic materials for those who may not be able to afford them. You can bring used ACT/SAT, AP, regular fiction/nonfiction books, and English-required books. Please leave all books in the decorated-designated boxes near the main office, commons, and counseling office. We will pass out books using a sign-up genius on the day of Halloween!! The more books we get, the better. Books that are not claimed by Solon students will be donated to other organizations.