• Applied Mandarin Club is place where we partake in Mandarin (Chinese Speaking regions) cultural discussions and presentations where we can also hangout and chill. We learn about Mandarin media, popular culture such as animes and movies but also traditional culture like instruments, clothes, food, games, crafts. We also learn new language info like slang and poetry literature!!

    Advisor Name: Grace Paul

    Advisor E-mail: gracepaul@solonboe.org

    Meetings:  Odd Thursdays in each month, 3-3:30 PM (may be longer for movies,etc.)

    Google Classroom Code: ptvh3ov

    Virtual:  Yes

    Online Platform:  Zoom

    Log on Instructions:  Students interested in Applied Mandarin Club should join the google classroom. The Zoom link for the meetings will be in the classroom.